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Enjoying Blue Skies with Green Huadian Fuxin

While we enjoy modern life in a world powered by energy, people are increasingly reminiscent of clear water, white clouds and blue skies, which are slipping further and further away from us. Over the years, Huadian Fuxin has been unswervingly committed to the development of the green, recycling and low-carbon emission industries to shelter our planet from damage and restore the blue skies that we once owned.

As China Huadian Corporation¡¯s sole integrated platform of diversified clean energy business, Huadian Fuxin went public in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012. Since then, total profit has raised from RMB 748 million to over 3 billion; total assets has reached to almost RMB 100 billion from 53.8 billion; total installed capacity has increased from 6,524MW to nearly 15,000MW. Clean energy accounts for about 80% of the total capacity and contributes nearly 70% of the total power generation. Power assets have expanded to 27 Chinese provincial-level regions and even internationally in Europe. Several business segments of the Company develop collaboratively, including hydro power, wind and solar power, high-efficiency coal-fired power, utility-scale gas-fired power, gas distributed energy and nuclear power, with a hallmark of cleaning, diversification and internationalization. Net profit attributed to equity holders in 2016 achieves more than RMB 2 billion which rises 6% year on year.

Hydro Power

Fujian Province has abundant hydro resources with an unmatchable forest coverage rate domestically. Huadian Fuxin's 2,508MW installed capacity of hydro power is spread over 7 big river basins with multi-year average generation of 8.6 billion KWH. The Company possesses 7 leading reservoirs in Fujian with regulating storage capacity of 4.5 billion cubic meters. The 1,200MW Fujian Zhouning Pumped-Storage Hydro Plant is under construction, which is the first one of this type among the top 5 power generation groups in China. The first unit will be launched at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. At that time, it will greatly enhance the redistribution and accident emergency support of Fujian grid. Meanwhile, it will contribute stable profits to the Company.

Wind & Solar Power

After IPO, Huadian Fuxin¡¯s wind power installed capacity has climbed to nearly 7,340MW from 2,171MW, while solar power installed capacity has increased to nearly 1,000MW from 80MW. There will be an annual steady growth in these two segments within a couple of years. A batch of new projects have been started construction in Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Guangdong, Hubei, Zhejiang, Hunan and Shandong provinces, which is part of the Company's strategy to develop assets in developed and non-curtailment regions of China, thereby optimizing profitability of the Company¡¯s wind power segment. Moreover, offshore wind farms are also vigorously promoted. Nearly 1,000MW high-quality offshore wind resources have been acquired in some coastal provinces such as Fujian and Zhejiang. The 300MW Fuqing Haitan Channel Offshore Wind Project in Fujian has been approved, which marks the milestone of the Company¡¯s development in offshore wind energy. For solar power, there are innovative applications in hybrid generation of solar energy with wind, fishing, agriculture, as well as roof distributed photovoltaic power generation.

Coal-fired Power

As for high-efficiency coal-fired power generating units, the total installed capacity of Huadian Fuxin is 3,600MW, all located in Fujian Province. The Kemen Power Plant owns 4x600MW supercritical coal-fired generating units and the largest self-owned coal transportation wharf nationwide. This sector ensures the profitability of the Company by expanding to the market of heat supply and power retail.

Nuclear Power

Huadian Fuxin holds respectively 39% stake in Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant and 10% stake in Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant. Stable dividend makes nuclear power a significant growth pole of the Company¡¯s profitability.

Utility-Scale Gas-fired Power & Gas Distributed Energy

Natural gas distributed energy projects of Huadian Fuxin, with over 500MW total installed capacity, located in the developed urban centers, have made a significant contribution to reducing urban haze. The Guangzhou University City Distributed Project sets a key precedent of the successful and stable operation for the subsequent projects. Three projects including Shanghai Minhang, Guangxi Nanning and Jiangxi Jiujiang with a total capacity of 327MW, further consolidate the Company¡¯s leading role in this sector. Two launched projects in Shanghai make a great impression, one distributed energy station serves the China Expo Exhibition Hall which is the largest monomer building in the world, the other satisfies all demands of cooling, heating, power and compressed air for Disneyland Shanghai. Huadian Fuxin has been actively involved in utility-scale gas-fired power industry since 2016. The 1,200MW Guangdong Zengcheng CCHP Project installed with 9H gas turbines, is expected to be approved and constructed in the first half of 2017. It is well predictable that this segment will greatly improve the profitability of the Company.

Committed to green development and better returns, Huadian Fuxin looks forward to sincerely cooperating with all circles aspiring in clean energy development for creating a cleaner planet.